• SSS/GSIS UMID card
  • ATM Card/Passbook where the pension is credited
  • 2 Valid ID cards with signature of borrower
  • At least 1 Valid ID of Co-maker

***Requirements may vary per Branch.

 As long as the requirements are on hand, we will then verify your eligibility for the loan program. It will be processed on the same day and net proceeds will be released right after.


We offer pension loans for SSS/GSIS/PVAO and other currencies. We also offer salary loans, for approval basis.

The age and monthly pension of the pensioner shall be considered in determining the maximum amount to be granted.

The monthly amortization shall be deducted from the monthly pension of the borrower.

We have no processing fees or charges.

The maximum loan term depends on the age of the borrower.

Yes, borrowers shall be allowed for a re-loan after paying the required minimum monthly installments or if the borrower has enough change for an additional loan.

We have convenient ways for you to claim your monthly change.

  • Visit our Branches – please check the branch office hours in Branch Locator Page
  • Call our Branches – You may request to send your Monthly Change through any pera padala channels.
  • E-Sukli Services- We highly encourage our clients to enroll first in our E-Sukli Services in partnership with Paymaya.

    Through our website, you can request your pension change online. Complete the request form on ESukli Page, you can visit the link here. Once submitted, we will process your request and deposit your pension change in your Paymaya account. You will receive a text message when we complete your request. Afterwards, you can withdraw your monthly change at any Visa Automated Teller Machine (ATM) near you.